Welcome to the Stone Soup Films Website!

Welcome to the Stone Soup Films website!

Stone Soup Films began in 2002 as an experimental affiliation of Filmmakers in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, area. The mission-statement was simple: Share the burden. By giving all of the talented people in the region one place to go to find their needs, the theory was that dozens of would-be directors would finally be able to make their dreams come true.

It was, of course, a complete disaster.

Since that time Stone Soup Films has reorganized into a select group of local filmmakers with one goal: Make movies that don’t suck, and that won’t cost a director their mortgage.

Pre-production is currently underway on their next project,with a tentative release date of Winter 2005.

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Our last film, completed way back in June, 2003, is Pray for Daylight: Hunter. Check out our downloads section to see it and the rest of our films. Enjoy!