Steve the Vampire
The first ever “Stone Soup Films” project, “Steve the Vampire” (2002) pits Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno) against the terrors of a vampire named, well, Steve (Christopher Brau).
Raw, unrefined, but not without its charm, Steve the Vampire was shot in under 20 hours by a team that had literally no idea what they were doing. Enjoy!

The Thing That Happened
We’ve all seen them: French “art” films that make no sense and just seem to exist to make you cry inside. Well, this is Stone Soup Films’ 2003 take on the entire “art house” film scene.

Pray for Daylight: Hunter
Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno), vampire hunter in Minneapolis, faces her old vampire adversary Eric Saveau (Rick Sullivan) with the help of Police Detective Aidan Garret (Trey Simmonds). But is she really fighting the good fight, or is she becoming the real monster?

Hunter has been seen at Minneapolis’ own Cinema Lounge, the CONvergence 2003, Dead Dog party, and was even shown at both the Twisted Spine Film Festival and the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival in 2005.

Pray for Daylight – Feature Film
Vampire Hunter Cassie Banning (Kristi Bruno) returns to Minneapolis after a mysterious two-year absence. A new master (Robin Marie Whitt) has wrested control from the vampire Eric Saveau (Rick Sullivan), and Minneapolis is now at the mercy of the creatures of the night. Will Cassie be able stop the darkness that threatens her home?

Pray for Daylight has been seen at MarsCon 2006, CONvergence 2006, and the 2006 Fargo Fantastic Film Festival.